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Standard Releases




Inner Journey Records
October 1991


Far Country

Recorded by Larry Packer @ Uncle Punchy Studios in October 1991. Additional guitar work by Mark Stanley and Scott Crawford. Released on Black, Gold, and Clear vinyl. There was also a misprinted black 7" released that had track listings on both labels instead of just one side. The "Test Pressing" mentioned in the Inner Journey Flyer is on Black Vinyl, and comes in a red paper sleeve that says "Far Country Test Pressing" on it. (Pitchfork was originally called "Far Country"). The "St. Ides Pressing" was just going to be Pitchfork printed on a malt colored vinyl. (Apparently some members of the band and the IJ crew had a fondness for that particular beverage. Who could blame them?) It also mentions a Clutch Anthology CD which was never released to my knowledge.

  • black pressing (standard) - 850 copies printed first pressing
  • gold pressing - 150 copies printed first pressing
  • clear pressing - ??? copies printed first pressing*
  • black pressing (standard) - ??? copies printed second pressing*
  • misprint pressing - ??? copies printed during second pressing of standard*

*(there were a total of 500 copies printed of the clear pressing and the second black pressing, but Dave (from the now defunct Inner Journey Records) couldn't remember how many of each were printed. It's also uncertain how many misprints were printed.)

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