Posted: 12/16/2007

From New Found Frequency:

Limited means just that....

Limited edition Clutch ‘Heard It All Before - Live at HiFi Bar’ CD’s are going real fast. First 500 units are gone, actually! way gone. Big thanks to all the Clutch fans across America, Europe and UK that wrote us! We’ll get those track listings fixed up as soon as we have all these envelops stuffed with your CD’s.

Clutch fans! give yourself a big round of applause.

Those that haven’t purchased the CD yet - you'd better fast. We have a limited amount left and then....that’s it.

Hit it and get it here.

It Just Doesn't End...

The Clutch goodness just keeps on a flowing. To all the mad Clutch fans out there here’s another goodie - meet rock photographer Richard Sharman of Black Shadow Photography. Want one last glimpse at that killer Clutch show!


Psychic Warfare

Psychic Warfare

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This is happening. Link @clutchofficial
4 Jan

Our Holiday 12/27-12/31 run starts tomorrow. Tix and info at Link or Link Th… Link @clutchofficial
26 Dec

The annual Holiday Run is up next. Tix and all the info you need @ Link Have a Heavy Holiday. Link @clutchofficial
17 Dec

@alfunction and @BrintnallSays sound check in Music City USA. Link @clutchofficial
16 Dec

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