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Blast Tyrant Collector's Edition

Posted: 07/09/2021
It's finally here!

Blast Tyrant is the first of several Clutch catalog albums reimagined and individually curated by a band member, in this case Jean-Paul Gaster. The album is reissued as part of the brand new Clutch Collector's Series.

To begin with, each album is embossed with the “Clutch Collector’s Series Small Batch Pressings” seal. The artwork itself is in the vein of the original Blast Tyrant yet strikingly different. This 2xLP vinyl release is remastered and, for the first time, manu-factured on 180-gram colored vinyl which in turn is stored in extra heavy sleeves. The gatefold jacket is printed on metalized polyester paper, and each album includes a numbered insert autographed by the band. This version of Blast Tyrant in the Collector's Series is limited to 5,000 units worldwide.

Says Jean-Paul: "We are excited to make Blast Tyrant the first our Collector's Series vinyl releases. For myself and many Clutch fans our Blast Tyrant album is a favorite. So many of the songs off of Blast Tyrant make their way into our live sets night after night. We’ve remastered this album and pressed it on 180 gram colored vinyl to make this limited release truly special. We are proud to say the Collector's Series version of Blast Tyrant sounds and looks even better than the original!"

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